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When you read _On the Road_ (I assume you've read it) did you ever get upset that things just weren't like the old days, and kids in this day and age – yourself included– would never have the balls to hitch hike across America with nothing but the clothes on their/your back? I did, until seeing this photo series by Mike Brodie. Armed with a camera, Mike hopped trains with this weathered group of youngsters in 2004, feverishly documenting their grubby and exhilarating existence on the roofs…

Mike Brodie’s new work, “A Period of Juvenile Prosperity” is a glimpse into the roughly 10 years Brodie spent hopping freight trains.

Peter's Houseboat: such a cute little ice house! And so very Scandinavian!

20 Beautiful Photos That Will Make You Rethink Your Hatred Of Minnesota Winters

firsttimeuser: Peter’s Houseboat, Winona, Minnesota 2002 Sleeping by the Mississippi series © Alec Soth submitted by Gul-o-Khaar

Freight train rider on her way to Montreal

Freight train riders hitching an undetected and unsafe ride to Montreal.

Not Your Typical Travelogue: A Photographer’s Train-Hopping Adventures

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