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Doctor who/Batman t-shirt design, Twelfth Doctor killin' it

'Doctor Who' Fashion Guide: 1963 - 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Comprehensive 'Doctor Who' Fashion Guide: 1963 - they forgot donna noble and ian chesterton how could they?

Killing off main characters shows god writing skills. <-- Not sure if that was intentional or if it was supposed to be "good" instead of "god". Regardless, I'm keeping it cause as a writer I am the god of my characters' worlds.

Karen Hallion Disney Doctor Who mashups on TeeFury

Victory to Daleks Poster

Victory to Daleks Digital Art Print Celebrate one of The Doctor's most fearsome foes, the Dalek's, with this retro WWII propaganda digital art print

I make doctor who memes now. Doctor who memes are cool.

I really wish that the Doctor called him Grandpa at least once.

Peter Capaldi.... Please don't disappoint me.... I have not watched any of the movies or shows u were in so..... BE A GOOD DOCTOR!! :(

Doctor Who! Can't wait to meet We're really happy that you're joining our family Peter Capaldi!

I couldn't agree more. So many people seem to have come in on 10 or 11 and don't know how awesome 9 was. It actually took me three or four episodes to accept David Tennant -- I was heartbroken to lose Christopher Eccleston! CHRIS IS MY DOCTOR

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Usually, fan art is a flat landscape or portrait and sometimes you get emotion, but not like this. Even if you didn't know the characters, you would still feel the emotion and the meaning of the picture.

Doctor Who

Cross My Hearts! In case you didn't get the Doctor Who reference.timelords have two hearts. :) <<--- cross my hearts and hope to regenerate