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Mun och haka

Mun och haka

Frida Kahlo la Ricerca dell'artista  -----------------interessantissimi studi e strategie per arrivare ad un' opera compiuta-----------------------------------

Top in the World: Stunning Self-Portraits by an A Level Art Student

Rosanna Jones

19-Year-Old Artist Explores How Appearance Affects Identity

UK-based Rosanna Jones is a 19 year old fashion photography student who has created a series of paintings called ‘Skin’, and they explore the theme of body image and identity.

Seeing the city streets from above. Through heights we can see how the photogropher see's the city below.

Woman on a ledge: Artist creates vertigo-inducing images of herself perched precariously on top of some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers

The images above become 10 times more impressive when you learn they’re self portraits. Ahn Jun’s portfolio revolves around self portraits captured in precarious situations. Death-Defying Self Portraits Taken at the Edge of the World via Fubiz

(I find Tracey Emin's work partially controversial in my eyes. 'My Bed', i feel a strong empathy towards as it is in a sense taken from location to gallery, keeping the work in it's original state of development. however, i feel as though 'All the people i have ever slept with' has the realness taken away from it to only leave realisation, however the work doesn't strike a cord in merely anyone. The work is only relatable to Emin, herself. Whereas 'My Bed' keeps it's real-like state

Tracey Emin -artist Everyone I Have Ever Slept With- about lovers, family, and the two…

Frida Kahlo for Kids: Dress up and paint self portraits — Art History Kids

Frida Kahlo for Kids: Dress up and paint self portraits