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Andy Goldsworthy - Iris & Rowan

Iris Leaves with Rowan Berries by artist Andy Goldsworthy who captures art in everyday things.

Andy Goldsworthy.

So thankful that my friend,Tammy, introduced me to his amazing, inspiring creations. Go discover Andy Goldsworthy!

Andy Goldsworthy - Hogweed stalks floating on pond Hampstead Heath, London 15 December 1985

Hogweed stalks floating on a pond ~ Hampstead Heath, London December 1985 ~ Andrew Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy

andy goldsworthy british Sycamore leaves and stalks artist sculptor photographer andy goldsworthy

pens attached at the end of a willow tree. lines then being created onto a huge canvas

50 pens suspended from the branches of a Weeping Willow tree created a drawing on a canvas placed beneath the tree. The tree is the artist! Isn’t that a super cool and innovative idea!

Ice Spiral: Treesoul by Andy Golsworthy

Ice Spiral: Treesoul by Andy Golsworthy. one of my favorite artists

#6 – Ice & Snow Exhibit

#6 – Ice & Snow Exhibit