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Black Monday is known as "the most notorious day in financial history." Where did the lucrative connotation of Black Friday come from? Click here

With Thanksgiving feasts come Black Friday sales. While many people believe the term Black Friday finds its roots in the sense of black meaning “showing a profit; Historically, black has been […]

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Well screw the reason! I will til the day I die know I had her taken from me just because they could and that's more the a reason to become cold hearted I guess?

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PIN: @Kyrapg ☾ INSTA : Kyrapg ♕

Working Black Friday got me like... . . . . #devonstrang #wordoftheday #word #words #wordporn #marcid #withered #exhausted #tired #sleep #worn #friday #blackfriday #blackandwhite #contrast

Working Black Friday got me like... . . . . #devonstrang #wordoftheday #word #words #wordporn #marcid #withered #exhausted #tired #sleep #worn #friday #blackfriday #blackandwhite #contrast’s Word of the Day - oniomania - an uncontrollable desire to buy things.

Oniomania - an uncontrollable desire to buy things.-Oniomania derives from the Greek ṓnios meaning "forsale" and the Late Latin mania meaning "extreme desire."It entered English in the late from the GermanOniomanie.

Hypophrenia- a feeling of sadness seemingly without a cause

Someone from Oceana posted a whisper, which reads "Hypophrenia- a feeling of sadness seemingly without a cause "

please be here soon

It’s friday! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite things I’m wanting to share lately in lieu of the weekend! The Seven things you’re not supposed to talk ab…

Word: Schlockmeister (n.) a person who deals in or sells inferior or worthless goods; junk dealer.

Perfect word for Black Friday! This word has origins in Latin, German, Old High German, and Middle High German. It entered our English usage around


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