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"born to love, cursed to feel"

Sometimes you're all you have Most times you're all you need You've got this! Some motivation to get you through the week.

Me…I care...just not about insignificant people or things

No longer cared

I open up, then someone ends up not liking what I say...I don't open up, then I'm considered snotty...I don't have drama and I'm content, I'm boring...I stick up for myself and don't put up with bullshit, I'm a bitch. I can't win with people, so why bother.

Someone from Valley Stream, New York, US posted a whisper in the group Ambiverts Assembly, which reads "I'm an observer. Some people take it as being antisocial. I just have to see what the crowd is like first before I open up"

Give yourself praise and be proud of everything you have accomplished. From the big achievements right down to the small ones that not many people know about. Be proud, you've done so well and got so far

Noone is harder on me than myself. I don't give myself enough credit for how far I've come. I've learned to allow myself to be proud of myself and all the progress I've made. Especially the progress that no one else has seen.

Exactly!!! He was my past, my best friend, the only person that stood by me when I felt like I had no one!!! He knew it too which is why things changed between us!!! But I realized that I needed to pick myself up and learn to be happy by myself and after I did that I found you... I can honestly say I'm happy now cuz what we have I have never had with anyone and I love you so damn much... I look forward to all the time we are still going to spend together... your mine and I'm yours!!! I love…

The only Joel Osteen quote I agree with.

friendship quotes Fewer friends, less drama. Keep your circle small.

How about no friends! Even better

It’s Ok to Feel Nothing for a While after being completely destroyed by you. I feel nothing

Deep Life Quote: It’s ok to feel nothing for a while. Especially after feeling everything for what felt like forever then, and nothing now.

Purple Buddha project

Positive thinking/Self talk makes all the difference.I post this to remind myself on my dark and lonely days to not forget these things that have helped me in the past.

To everyone, not just myself, my friends and family, you are good enough for not just me but life, everyone, everything. Please don't change a thing about you, you are enough.

The Four Agreements: Miguel Ruiz