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“Good question!” you say. I get asked this question on a daily basis and people often say “Oh……. you organise events do you?” Pretty much every time. After some time of being asked this question and seeing the look of confusion on peoples faces, I felt compelled to set the record straight! Many people think …

So what exactly does a Professional Organiser Do? We are a lot more than just an organisation consultant….

Are you in a period of life where it just feels like everything is overwhelming and out of control? Like you just have too much to do and too little time? But you try as hard as you can to …

5 Things You Should Do Every Single Day — Even When Life is Stressful

Develop the habit of doing these five things every single day. They might seem so simple — and they are! — but if you’re not doing these on a daily basis, commit to making them non-negotiables for weeks and see if it makes a difference for you.

Daily to do list

I want to be more organized. (Don’t we all!) I have been trying different to do lists to figure out what is right for me. I tried a checklist. It was a total fail. It went unchecked and unlooked.

Part of doing well on a massive test is knowing how to take it. You need the right attitude, and the like.

The number of engineers in today's society are far lower than the current demand for their services, making engineering degrees a smart choice for a college major.

What makes a successful startup

Advice from a high school senior on what she would have done differently during the college admissions process.

My favorite line...."You know if we had worked a little bit harder, none of this would have been possible!" Yep, the truth of financing an  American education....

What’s more scarier and nerve-racking than waiting for the college decision? Opening the financial aid award package.