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Kurone Kotarou Mangaka GAME FREAK Studio Nintendo Studio Pokémon Series, Game Fan Character Character Original Pokémon Character Feather Wings No People Pink Eyes White Wings Character Request Source Translation Request Source Eeveelution Character Group

「【ポケモン】暇をもてあます」/「ストーン」のイラスト [pixiv]

「【ポケモン】暇をもてあます」/「ストーン」のイラスト [pixiv]


Pokemon X Y - Sylveon I thought the evolution method was going to be to let evolve with a pink ribbon or something but it Eevee evolves by friendship and learning a fairy type move to evolve into Syleveon by Madison Thomas

Silver and Kris/Lyra - Pokemon I remember always fighting him in the game!!! Awe!! So adorable!!

This is What Happens When it Suddenly Starts to Drizzle. I'm sorry but I don't ship it.

Ori Eevee Poison                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

This would be an awesome Eeveelution-- I think this would be the poison type.<< I think it would be a dark type or poison type.

Pinned for Siamese and Persian

I know Sylveon is a fox of some sort but I like cat pokemon and eeveelutions so this happened ^v^ Please do not remove this caption. More Hybrids: Vaporeon


Mega Sylgardia (M-Diancie/Gardevoir/Sylveon) Rock/Fairy/Psychic Classification: Mahou Shoujo FUSEmon Client: Special Ability: Heart Thro.E Corp Special: Mega Sylgardia