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“I wish people weren't so set on being themselves, when that means being a bastard.” ― Robertson Davies

“I wish people weren't so set on being themselves, when that means being a bastard.

Studs Terkel was one of the great social historians ever in this country. He told us more about how ordinary folks lived and felt that just about anyone else.

Studs Terkel - Author, historian and radio personality. Pulitzer Prize for the The Good War, Terkel is an American icon.

The Deptford Trilogy

Robertson Davies' remarkable 'The Deptford Trilogy' - fascinating! Each book stands so strongly on its one, but together they are an exhilarating antidote to a world where 'the fear and dread and splendour of wonder have been banished.

Love books - The Merry Heart - Robertson Davies

Love books - The Merry Heart - Robertson Davies

apoetreflects: To see the Summer Sky Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie— True Poems flee— —Emily Dickinson

Although most of her acquaintances were probably aware of Dickinson's writing, it was not until after her death in Lavinia, Dickinson's younger sister, discovered her cache of poems—that the breadth of Dickinson's work became apparent.

E.B. White's writing in his boat shed  I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.

White writing in his boat shed. See Robert Root in Peripatetics.

Emil Otto ('E.O.') HoppÈ, Rebecca West 1923

Emil Otto Hoppé - Portrait of the writer Rebecca West, 1923

Samuel Beckett

Samuel Beckett: "Ever tried. Ever failed. Fail again.

Photo of Boris Pasternak, author of Dr. Zhivago

Boris Pasternak, Nobel-prize nominated Russian poet and novelist. Author of Doctor Zhivago. “What is history? Its beginning is that of the centuries of systematic work devoted to the.