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Adult Children of Alcoholics ACoAs: Qualities and Traits

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The Parent Trap (1998) - Really enjoyed this film when it came out, and just as good today.  Funny, sweet and a little mischievous, Lindsay Lohan did a great job playing identical twins.  Entirely watchable

The Parent Trap (1998)

The movie of my childhood.The Parent Trap - Identical twins Hallie and Annie were separated at birth when their parents divorced. After the two meet at summer camp, they begin plotting to reunite their estranged parents.

Check What Alcohol And Drugs Did To Lindsay Lohan

Another video on the effects drug and alcohol abuse can have on your looks. This one goes to show that just because youre rich doesnt mean youre immune! Thanks Jennifer White for sharing this originally!

No list of celebrity DUIs is complete without the patron saint of celebrity trainwrecks herself, Lindsay Lohan. In 2007, the Mean Girls star was arrested for driving under the influence — just two weeks after she left rehab. I’m guessing that rehab clinic won’t talk about treating her any time soon.  A breath test revealed that her BAC registered between .12 and .13, well above California .08 legal limit.

The 25 Most Outrageous Celebrity DUIs

Book Reader's Heaven: Dear Daughter - Chick Lit Murder Mystery--New for Me--Great for Readers! Check out Elizabeth Little's Debut!