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This is kind of why I ship jarco a bit more than starco... Please don't kill the hyruliangeek...

This is kind of why I ship jarco a bit more than starco. ^^star's face is why I ship starco. She doesn't want to show this to Jackie and it breaks her heart, but she has to.

Hold Onto Me Star vs the forces of evil Shiped it !!!!

Oh my glob I just realized Marco looks just like Danny from Bravest Warriors. New headcanon: Marco is Danny's distant ancestor

Alguien más piensa que todo es mejor en versión anime?? Ellos son taaan kawaii ❤️❤️

Misaki, Future Punk Trend Spotter

Family potraits by Caramelkeks on DeviantArt. I dont watch this show, but the pic was interesting to me

Star and her family remind me a lot of Gravity Falls' Pacifica North-West and her Family.

This is so cute :) Thank you to whoever drew it :)

I just love that Star thought it was gonna be romantic.Then he starts spreading.