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Tentando chamar atenção do Senpai!! Sehun e Lay EXO ❤

Tentando chamar atenção do Senpai! Sehun e Lay EXO ❤

Reakcje EXO i BTS #1 w HUMOR 02.04.2017 #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad


Beautiful Zhang Yixing 张艺兴 (Lay 레이) from EXO-M was born in China October 7, 1991

I hope you continue to be the most amazing sexy yet innocent angelic dimpled talented & humble healing unicorn you are that we all know and love forever!

First reaction: LMAO | Second reaction: what the fuck chanyeol

lol kai's face at the end xD he's like "hahaha. you're not being serious, right Chanyeol?" OMFG Chanyeol you are me


LOL Chen & Baekhyun mistaken for a gay couple at Disneyland. and then there's Lay, the wheel.

That's How most people learn korean

XD XD hahaha just died too funny.he watches kdramas too! thats why we love you Tao

never cry in front of Taemin

Taemin your so mean! Taking pics of my Jonghyun while he is upset! Minho will protect you Jjong!<<<<He's taking pics of Kai from Exo.