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"just kidding its lucifer" I started crying in science class I was laughing so hard

I love how oblivious cas is to things like that, he is just so pure it goes right over his head, just like Tom Hiddelston

Sams face 😂😂 And Cas is like "I'll watch you!" And deans just embarrassed 😂 Sams loving this. And Cas loves Dean.

I don't have a good answer Supernatural

What the Supernatural fandom looks like to other people. Also what happens when I show people the tattoo I want since its the anti-posession tattoo <-- .Tell them it is the Egyptian symbol for peace ;

Cas finally realizing how utterly gorgeous Dean and Sam are XD

Jared, it's not nice to steal babies.

Stephen Amell (Arrow/Oliver Queen) about Jared Padeleki (Sam Winchester). Sam and Oliver are friends, all is well in the world.

Thats jared padalecki folks

Jared with great Padahair eating octo-pumpkin grape OMG. I have never heard of an octo - pumpkin grape.

Me and Jared. God he is tall and so funny. Got to love him!!!!

Me and Jared. God he is tall and so funny.