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I can never remember what they're called. Not as if I could pronounce the name anyway...

House stark approves

Funny pictures about House Stark Approves. Oh, and cool pics about House Stark Approves. Also, House Stark Approves photos.

I have pinned this human showing the love he has for his "family" member. This guy is my Hero.  I can only wish that he and I are not the only two who believe like this.  I learned in combat that you never leave "one of your own". I will never leave one of my own unless I die while trying to bring my entire family out with me. Amen.

People doing amazing things for animals Pictures): Yes, I am a softie. I cannot make it through these photos without crying. This is a beautiful example of the bond between humans and animals.

Puppy love

We need to work on your kissing skills. <--- Definitely a depiction of my first kiss.

Why must the dog sleep with us? #lol #dogs #dogslife

Look Familiar, Anyone? It should, if you have a dog. Especially a dachshund. I have two of them, and they all but kick me out of bed every night.

I dont Always make a mess but when i do, I sit like a boss while you clean it up.

Paws In The City "I don't always make a mess . But when I do , I sit like a boss while you clean it up." Ah , the dog's life ---

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