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Guest blogging, guest posts – These are the words I can see, hear all over the weblogs from a few months. I get lots of email asking for guest post on my blog. And guess what, I reject or deny 2 guest posts on daily average.

Many of my competitors were asking me to give some tips on how I make it? So, It would be a better idea if I share those tips in my another contest entry.

Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead  ..Dead Night, one of my favorite nights!

The Walking Dead TV Series 1 Deputy Rick Grimes Action Figure McFarlane Toys MIB

#Zombification A couple of years ago I wrote a post on what I called “the zombification of America.” It was about how we strip our enemies of their humanity in order to feel justified treating them however we see fit. If you’ll let me be that guy for a moment and quote myself, I wrote… Rather than Continue Reading

Good Friday is the Friday within Holy Week, commemorating the anniversary of Christ's crucifixion and death.

Game Over....

Hands up if you love Dead Rising. While I'm not as big of a gamer as I once was, Dead Rising is one of those games, like Fallout, that I'm totally addicted

Could zombies exist? Should we be preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse? Find out how these ferocious, flesh-eating creatures could become a reality, through a simple scientific pathway.

Zombie Apocalypse Science VIDEO - Real scientific answers and explanations with interesting pictures - great to attract keep attention of young minds

Those who arrive get cornered and stuffed in a train car

The Walking Dead recap: 3 things you might have missed in "A"

“Those who arrive, survive,” read the radio signal being broadcast out of the fake salvation known as Terminus. But they apparently left out the part about “Those who .