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Have you had your Turducken today? Something about it just don't seem right. One animal shoved inside another. But it sure taste good.

Young turkeys are not yet wise to the ways of evil humanity. And their fathers & uncles are all among the missing. Break of Day Comic Strip, November 27, 2014     on GoComics.com

A little post-Thanksgiving funny! Hope you all are having a great weekend! Cartoon courtesy of Nate Fakes Cartoons

Les 9 positions favorites de bébé pour nous empêcher de dormir !

Pour nous empêcher de dormir, les bébés ont une stratégie. Décryptage en 9 dessins hilarants !

Donkey Kong: For those who already have children, some or these entire funny baby sleeping positions may apply, but for everyone else, here's some geeky insight on what to expect. Let's just say that the "Donkey Kong" is probably the rarest of them all.

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We are huge fans of the Charlie Brown holiday specials. This year's Thanksgiving special will actually air on Thanksgiving Eve. As a special bonus, another cartoon, This is America Charlie Brown will air as well. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody.

Really ~ it's not cool to eat flamingo.

turkeys on talk walking stilts, trying to appear look like flamingos, so want ge eaten, thanksgiving turkeys cartoon, He's got a point. Nobody eats a flamingo on thanksgiving dinner.

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