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The Wolverine 2013 concept art by Wayne Haag

Dive into this beautiful collection of artworks by Wayne Haag, who recently worked as a concept artist for The Wolverine.

Renaissance Italy (Florence), Assassin’s Creed II, 2009.

Discover the Art of Gilles Beloeil senior concept artist at Ubisoft Montreal, working on Assasin's Creed video games.

The Wolverine . Concept Art . Yashida Estate, Wayne Haag on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/y5n

Check out The Wolverine concept art by Wayne Haag ! Wayne Haag just released brand new concept art for the Hugh Jackman film The W.

Clássico de Akira Kurosawa é exibido com trilha sonora ao vivo

Clássico de Akira Kurosawa é exibido com trilha sonora ao vivo

Taken from Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams, 1990 Matte painting by Mark Sullivan


Stunning Concept Artworks of the Stannis March, Battle and After War Scenes at the Game of Thrones Season 5 “Mother’s Mercy” Episode by Emmanuel Shiu

This is some supposed "footage" of a wooly mammoth caught in Siberia. Is a mammoth, or just a bear with a fish in it's mouth? You decide!

So called "Woolly Mammoth" spotted in Siberia. Woolly Mammoth, or a big bear with a big fish in his mouth? (I vote bear.) This is a case for Joshua Gates' Destination Truth or the other show Fact or Fiction on SyFy.