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The Battle of Scarif

The Battle of Scarif

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We've gathered together several awesome new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story images, international one-sheets, an IMAX poster, and an exclusive El Capitan Theatre "Hope" design for you to take a look at.

Rebel heroes are front and center on the new 'Rogue

Exclusive: Check out the new 'Rogue One' IMAX poster

Star Wars fans have been wondering: What is the wheel-shaped space station that an X-Wing squadron is seen attacking in Rogue One?    What you’re looking at is the Shield Gate, and the world below is Scarif, a tropical planet that is one of the Empire’s key military bases. Think of it as a galactic Los Alamos, the top-secret desert town where scientists and engineers built the first nuclear bomb during World War II.

'Rogue One': See the 'Shield Gate' That Protects the Empire's Los Alamos

The goal was to make the space battles in Rogue One feel like roller coasters, so director Gareth Edwards came up with a unique way to shoot them: Literally turn them into an amusement park ride.

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Star Wars

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ by Matt Ferguson and Karl Fitzgerald, new officially licensed prints through Bottleneck Gallery, in collaboration with Acme Archives.

Yavin 4

awesome Adding Rebels Ships to Rogue One Was More Than Just an Easter Egg

New Rogue One South Korean Trailer With New Footage! | Star Wars News Net

New Rogue One South Korean Trailer With New Footage!