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Lee had almost drowned in bath tub because of Elliot, but the girls helped her out and woke her up. Elliot had knocked lee unconscious in a fit of rage and started cutting into her skin. When she woke up, all she felt was immense physical pain, and rage.


Dark and surreal photos by Christopher McKenney

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See her cries die slowly, as the blood pool beneath her. Go pale and grey trust me there is 50 shades of grey.

He stopped drawing in color, and none of his figures had faces. Instead there was a scribble or mist, as if he saw everyone with the potential for great evil, and if so they deserved no recognition. The only person who he ever drew without an ominous cloud was Smith, the ginger boy who stumbled into his house one night.

an art of self destruction. it is the tendency of self-protection that pushed the pain-haunted pina to put so many self-embracing hand movements in her dance

ɪᴄᴇʟᴀɴᴅ ғᴏx

If you could hear my mind, you would think I'm an ugly person