Valentine~ by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt

i found this comic in my sketch book and decided too finish it. Rae you sneaky rebel! BB you better keep your mouth shut!

I'm sorry to do this to your feels but it's just what I've storyboarded earlier OTL  Also sorry it takes so long to upload these now... School and work has made it literally IMPOSSIBLE to have...

Page 9 <-- You are Here --> Page 11 We're finally moving on to the next strip! In case you guys are still not onto what's going on, BBRae h. Titans: Refuge in Arkham

i think we all are a bit thirsty for some bbrae &lt;3

i think we all are a bit thirsty for some bbrae Why bother!

Tattoo by on @DeviantArt

Chi l'avrebbe mai detto che la nostra Rae ha un lato ribelle?

Request: Cloak by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt

A request from to redraw one of her artworks You had a great concept in your drawing dear ,i had so much fun drawing so much dramaaaaaaaa .i'll be cry.

You are Here --> Page 2 A little comic I've been working on... The colouring took forever, which is why I hardly colour my comics. But I've been practising my colouring skills in hopes of gettin...

I have had a lot of bbrae feels with a certain theme so guess what I'm doing because there is literally no fanart or comic for this theme that I could find bb rae cy(C)DC comics glen murakam.