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World Cup of Pool - Strickland – We’ll win World Cup - http://thepoolscene.com/international-pool-and-billiards/world-cup-pool-strickland-well-win-world-cup/

2014 World Cup of Pool – Euro Qualifier starts tomorrow

West Wins Kings Cup in Thrilling Finale! - http://thepoolscene.com/international-pool-and-billiards/west-wins-kings-cup-in-thrilling-finale - Albin Ouschan, Darren Appleton, Efren Reyes, Feature, Francisco Bustamante, Mika Immonen, Shane Van Boening - International

West Wins Kings Cup in Thrilling Finale!

BCAPL UPDATE: Another Canadian Winner, Morra Wins First Match - http://thepoolscene.com/bca-pool-league/bcapl-update-another-canadian-winner-morra-wins-first-match/

Morra's first match was against Ralf Soquet from Germany in which he came away with a thrilling victory,

The Power of Channeling Emotional Energy - http://thepoolscene.com/instructional/power-channeling-emotional-energy/

A couple of week ago I was competing in the Spokane Open in Spokane Washington. I lost my second match to Rafael Martinez. I fought back strongly and won m

‘The Greatest Clearance Of My Career’--Day 2 Report From RYO Rack Classic in NYC - http://thepoolscene.com/?p=22176 - April Larson, Chris Melling - Independent

By Ted Lerner WPS Media Officer Photos By JP Parmentier (New York City)–Long time fans of pool already know that England’s Chris Melling is one of t

Thorsten Three Times: Hohmann Wins Olhausen World Tournament 14.1  - http://www.thepoolscene.com/straight-pool-14-1-rotation/thorsten-three-times-hohmann-wins-olhausen-world-tournament-14-1/

Thorsten Three Times: Hohmann Wins Olhausen World Tournament

Rubilen Amit Wins 2nd Gold at Yalin Women's World 10-Ball Championship - http://www.thepoolscene.com/international-pool-and-billiards/rubilen-amit-wins-2nd-gold-yalin-womens-world-10-ball-championship/

Rubilen Amit Wins Gold at Yalin Women’s World Championship

NAPL Hosts League Qualifier for the World Tournament of 14.1 - http://www.thepoolscene.com/straight-pool-14-1-rotation/napl-hosts-league-qualifier-for-the-world-tournament-of-14-1/

NAPL Hosts League Qualifier for the World Tournament of

2014 Betway World Cup of Pool - Reigning champs through - http://thepoolscene.com/international-pool-and-billiards/2014-betway-world-cup-pool-reigning-champs/

However, a cruel kick on the cue ball from the blue 2 on Rojas’ break shot ended South American hopes as Orcollo and Corteza ran out to take the match.