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May 2015 (Issue 60) - This is very similar to the underwater city in Darkling Rise (Book 2)

May 2015 (Issue 60

May 2015 (Issue - Lightspeed Magazine - Contains a reprint of my story "Ghosts of the Fall"

Some fun stuff for you :)

Did you see this?

I want a episode of doctor who explaining this phenomenon, kinda like the vasta nerada explaining the fear of the dark--- dude, supernatural

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the water bit his toes - so cold, he looked back and the black gates were less inviting

Atlantis BBC; Princess Ariadne. Blue Grecian dress with gold detailing

Which Ancient Queen Are You?

Aiysha Hart as Ariadne in the BBC’s Atlantis. Particularly, I like the blue, the fabric, and the gold trim.

Isadore of Ithiki Changed by the will of her Mother, the Goddess of Unity, from the body of a man

Amira Farah (Aiysha Hart) -- Queen of an area like India; Member of the Council of Keepers

The King's palace also known as the Lighthorne Palace. Altogether there are legacy thirteen families in Ashana though only seven own particularly large sections of the kingdom whilst the others are known allies of one of the seven families.

9 superb illustrations from Jeremy Chong