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Funny Forgiveness Quote Saying | Funny Joke Pictures

Sometimes the first step to forgiveness is understanding the other person is a complete idiot. (funny, and sometimes true!

Silence is golden.. for a minute.

Thomas Jefferson quote, "Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.

A gun is a tool.  It's as good or bad as the PERSON (Male or Female) using it.

Facebook Friday ………………….

Don't blame the gun, which was a tool used by an evil individual. A gun is a tool that can save your life and one around you but the gun can't function on its own.

God, Freedom, & Everything USA : Photo

God, Freedom, & Everything USA : Photo Aaaaggggghhhhhhh! I CANNOT STAND KIL'LIAR'Y CLINTON😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖 Or pretty much the whole demon-crap fascist party.they've become one sick psycho group of immoral soulless ostriches.

Being politically correct reduces your rights and who you are. Do not believe it is being polite...it is really being corrupt!

Being politically correct reduces who you are as a person. I Do not believe it is being polite.It's is really going against your moral fiber.

Dance with the one who brought us this far - the United States Constitution. Or move to a country that hates us as much as you do.

People who hate America should vacate America. We Have Plenty Of Patriots Willing To Put You Out. ~doc~ Wis it were that easy to get rid of of Revelation Chapter President Barack Abomination.

Confessions Of A Conservative Soccermom: Homophobe, Racist, Sexist, Oppressive, Intolerant...

We The People.on being Patriots.Guilty as charged. We Speak Our Minds.Stand For God.The Bible.The Constitution.And We Stand With Israel.The Children of God.What do the liberals call us?

From our friends The Comical Conservative!  You may be VERY surprised to learn the REAL reason they want to take your guns: http://l-bitly.com/real-reason

Entitlements vs handouts -> so why do people who don't earn social security receiving it - real question?

I have plenty of Will!

So why do we let our politicians trample all over it? Speak up America! The strength of the Constitution lies in.