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Venezuelan Poodle Moth Not much is known about this very unique and rare creature, but this fuzzy looking moth is a creature that has only been recently discovered, in 2009 in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela.

Azul / Bleu / Blau / μπλε / 푸른 / नीला

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Blue Morpho butterflies. "The genetic code that is responsible for the wings of a butterfly is also *the same gene code* for the beating of the human heart. [...] It seems like Nature discovered this information 300 million years ago and then She said to herself, 'I am going to store it and then one day I will use it for the human heart because that is where longing is, our deepest yearnings are, where love is, compassion is.'" ~Deepak Chopra

How beautiful! Blue morpho butterflies congregate on a tree. There are over 80 species of butterflies in the genus Morpho. They are tropical butterflies found mostly in South America as well as Mexico and Central America.

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magicalnaturetour: “ Too small for an umbrella by Giuseppe Bonali ”


Pink orchids and butterfly - Orchid & butterflies, what a lovely pairing; Look at God's amazing design in camouflaging this butterfly!

Don't Tell No Lies!

Don't Tell No Lies!


Horse and cat share a tender moment as the winter snow gently falls. that's a donkey :)

So much black, just beautiful!

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Larva de um besouro Hércules (Dynastes hercules) encontrado nas Américas do Sul e Central, um dos maiores besouros que existem, medindo cerca de 17 cm. Acompanhando o tamanho de sua fase adulta, a fase larval pode chegar a medir cerca de 11 cm de comprimento. Eles passam dois anos da vida como esta larva gordinha, para depois se transformarem em pupa e continuarem o ciclo. Foto: Unknown photographer Fonte: naturalworlds.org (

The grub of the Goliath Beetle, the largest insect on earth. My god, that will be juicy & delicious who can eat insect :)