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some people

"Aw, it's ok." *pats annoying boy on the head* *takes out hammer* "And to show that I'm really sorry.

Sunday brunch (50 photos)

Sunday brunch (50 photos)

Funny pictures about My talents. Oh, and cool pics about My talents. Also, My talents.

okay this is mostly true for me...i get this feeling when date/hanging out plans get canceled after looking forward to it all week. people in relationships that have very annoying schedules that don't coordinate, take WHENEVER you can to hang out and if you're the canceling party and its a stupid reason to cancel, please think "is it really worth it?"  because really you might not be able to do anything for a month

Yeah, like when my friends don't tell me something because they don't want my feelings to be hurt, it almost hurts more when I found out about it later yo if any guy reads this its the truth so listen for this

people probably dont think that about me but I wonder...

Girls fact I wonder if girls look at me & think 'I wish I was as pretty as her,' because that's what I think when I look at everyone else.

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I disagree on this being a teenager post and would like to re-categorize it to an early post!