The Mortal Instruments!!!

fandom-mused-fandom-games: “ 1 note = 1 pixel for your fandom’s symbol (shown above) in an art piece I’m making If you would like to see all of the fandoms, look through these posts IF.


I would love to see Jace in pigtails. Jace, Clary, Emma Carstairs, City of Heavenly Fire, The Mortal Instruments

Haha Jace tho Katniss- The Hunger Games, Clary- The Mortal Instruments, Bella- Twilight, Charlie- The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Harry- Harry Potter, Percy- Percy Jackson, Tris- Divergent, Nora- ?, Jace- The Mortal Instruments (again)

I don't know who Charlie is but still, Jaces is so funny. I love him nora-hush hush katniss-hunger games clary- the mortal instruments bella-twilight harry potter-harry potter percy-percy jackson tris-divergent jace- TMI!

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First of all the use of your is driving me crazy Second, you're not Jem Carstairs Shadowhunters TMI The Mortal Instruments