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To fast

"I'm not even in this fandom and I know that was a no-no" hahaha

Cedric is Edward like after he dies

Simple math to explain Harry Potter is better than Edward Cullen and the entire Twilight series!

If Hogwarts Students Complained…

Student Complaints in Hogwarts (I would like to say that I think math is taught all along. How could these kids make any of their potions if they can't do math? Just my two cents as a Harry Potter nerd.


Studying with Padfoot - Chapter 1 - PukingPastilles - Harry Potter - J. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]<<< I don't ship it but this is to perfect

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It's an odd thing, but I can see INTJs being the Ravenclaws and ENFPs being the Hufflepuffs<<< you know what the funny thing is? I'm and ENFP and my best friend is an INTJ. She's a Hufflepuff and I'm a Ravenclaw.

HP Tumbler-- pinned for #6 and why we hate Umbridge more than Voldemort-- although it must be stated that Umbridge was every bit as prejudiced and xenophobic as Voldemort-- look at how she treats centaurs, Hagrid, and house-elves. And putting Moody's eye in her door--ugh.  Talk about your massive disrespect towards people with disabilities/amputees.

Harry Tumblr #11

What impresses me the most is Post "Voldemort is the villain we never hope to face. Umbridge is the villain we face every day." <- Absolutely right!


No but imagine James, Peter, and Remus trying to explain to McGonagall. "Professor, a dog ate my homework-" "Even if that's true, we don't allow dogs on campus." James glares at Sirius out of the corner of his eye and Sirius smiles.

28 Seriously Amazing “Harry Potter” Questions Raised By Tumblr…

28 Seriously Amazing Harry Potter Questions Raised By Fans

Well holy shit, I never thought of that<<I love this fandom. *grimaces and mutters* Most of the time.

The other hero of Harry Potter. When he moves forward and becomes part of his own story instead of the story of his past, his strength surges." TEAM NEVILLE FOR LIFE! (Sorry for the language)