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There are a lot of half truths a and research twisting in this. Do your independent research with creditable sources before believing all you read.

Foods we eat in America that are BANNED in other countries! (truly our S.D. is sad.and damn dangerous!) Wake Up To Reality America and Stop Watching that Clock On The Wall Waiting To Strike 5 PM

...very cool.

25 Ways You Could Get Back on Track Today

Keep it SIMPLE is the name of the game! Don't focus on the big picture, just focus on what you need to do right now today to be successful in tackling today. www.raynaberg.com

21 Day Fix Tips. This is so true! I& only lost about 2 pounds but my legs are so much more defined and my pants are a lot looser

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21 Day Fix Extreme: The Scoop

Shakeology-can be a meal replacement or just an added bonus to your day! Its the healthiest/tastiest meal of the day! Don't be fooled by the mixture of veggies, it delicious-especially the chocolate :)

Here are 11 foods that will help you lose weight fast. #weightloss #eatclean

Eat These Top Superfoods to Lose Weight Faster

iron fact sheet

Infographic: Iron Fact Sheet including list of excellent plant-based iron rich food sources. This is particularly important to those with iron deficient anemia or hereditary hemachromatosis.

Protien in plant food!!!

A plant-based diet is a protein-rich diet! Foods with tons of protein that are easily absorbed by our bodies. A plant-based diet is a protein-rich diet! Foods with tons of…