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Ryan Atwood, The O.C.

Ryan Atwood, The O.C.

"my name is james buchanan barnes, and the last thing i remember is dying" -winter soldier, the bitter march

Kate hugged me tightly, though angry, whispering over and over: "How could you?

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Love every infinite bit of it❤️❤️❤️💕♥️

✨ "i'м jυรт α lσรт bσy. иσт яєαdy тσ bє fσυиd" ✨

Jesse loves thunderstorms but Alex hates them so one night she's awake because she's scared and sees him watching the rain and lightning from the door way. He says to her that he loves storms and there's another puzzle piece to Jesse.

it rained all through last night and my little SoCal heart was so happy for it - t.b.p.

Being curled up in bed, listening to the rain outside your window, watching your favorite movie. What could be better?