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Butterfly: Enjoy the beauty of the richness of colors, and the precision of wing-pattern-design

I would LOVE to have a specimen box with 2-3 butterflies or moths to display. I just adore them.

Callithea philotmia verso Real Framed Butterfly From Peru in a Conservation insect gift displays by butterfly-designs. All of our real framed butterfly and insect conservation displays are hand made in the U.

this should be named a Princess butterfly

Beautiful butterfly on colorful flowers I love butterflies & dragonflies so much! They are so magical & beautiful!

colorful butterflies - Google zoeken

Kaiser-i-Hind (Teinopalpus Imperialis) By Anaxibia, Wikipedia: A Rare Species Of Swallowtail Butterfly Found From Nepal And North India East To North Vietnam. The Common Name Literally Means "Emperor Of India".Kaiser In Hind

Unidentified butterfly .        ("Eterno colorido. #butterflies #mariposas."

The Malay Lacewing Butterfly ~ Yes, we know butterflies aren't animals, but we don't have a butterfly board :-)


just playing with photoshop and some pix i took of the dead butterflies display at the western australian museum.

Daggerwing Butterfly (Marpesia Iole

Iole's Daggerwing Butterfly (Marpesia Iole), Family Nymphalidae, Costa Rica - by Leroy Simon [those colors ♡]