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So that's what dental implants are!  I'm assuming you don't have any metallic taste in your mouth once the procedures done.  My dad's going to get this done.  I hope it doesn't cause any pain.  http://www.2smileabout.com/treatment/dental-implants.aspx

I like cutaway views and diagrams. This dental implant is displayed with a metal post. I heard dentists are moving away from any metal in the mouth to avoid corrosion effects, and are using zirconium-based ceramics.

Dental implants can be a scary thought. When you go in for the consultation they really break it down. They make the thought of getting implants less scary.

My brother is getting his dental implants this weekend! He's a little worried about the pain after the procedure. Maybe the dentist will have something to alleviate his pain for the implant.

How to maintain Tooth for healthy whitening | Visual.ly Our dental team provided that teeth whitewashing management.

Dental implants improve chewing, speech, and appearance. Dental implants restore confidence, self-esteem and oral health. Have a strong smile.

How would a straighter smile change your life? www.dhc.dental

I think it's great how realistic dental implants can look. I have some friends with dental implants and you can't even tell.

Dental Implants can help prevent the deterioration of teeth caused by the use of removable dentures.  -------------------------------------------- www.swissdentalservices.com/en  #dentist #implants #smile #clinic #ismile

Dental Implants can help prevent the deterioration of teeth caused by the use of removable dentures. -------------------------------------------- www.swissdentalservices.com/en #dentist #implants #smile #clinic #ismile

My teeth are really crooked. Since I am getting married in a few months, I want to make sure my smile looks nice. I think I will look in to going to a cosmetic dentist.

This dental office is beautiful! I love how they accented it with the tree and matching vase with flowers. The hardwood floor also adds a nice aesthetic. I would love for my dental office to look something like this.


I love the fact that we have ways to help people have nice teeth even if they aren't real. Some people naturally have bad teeth, and have to get them removed. Dental implants help them have normal teeth again, and allows them to live normal lives.

dental implants are something of a life savor in my opinion. My grandfather recently got some so he could one again enjoy eating all of his favorite food. They made may grandpa enjoyable to be around again.  Cynthia | http://www.olinedentalarts.com/implants

When I grow up I want to have all dental implants. My grandpa and gram are really excited for the dental implants they have. I am hoping for the same someday. I want to make sure this is the right option for me.

Ever since I was young I dreamed of having veneers. I have never liked my teeth and over the years they have done a lot to diminish my self confidence. I am ready to have a nice smile again. One that makes me proud to smile and laugh.

It's finally time for me to get some dental work done. My teeth have been giving me problems for a few weeks now. On the last visit they discussed getting veneers. This could be what solves the problem.

I like this diagram of this tooth as it illustrates something really important: the tooth isn't just the crown, it's your whole mouth. Taking good care of your teeth believe it or not will effect your whole mouth and your whole body. It's good to have good health.

I think that my tooth may be something like this. I noticed that it started hurting a lot near the nerve, and it is really hard to do anything! I can barely even eat now without suffering a bit. Should I take this problem to an endodontist or a dentist?