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This would be my life, live in Narnia, then go to school at Hogwarts, and then in the summer go to Camp Halfblood, and then volunteer for the hunger games

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My feelings exactly. Nicest "bad" guy I've ever seen. Worst "good" guy I've ever seen.


That's me to my friends. Especially When the book is in HoO series. I hate people who read pjo but didn't have the decency to read the second series My friends trying to make me read divergent

Life ambitions

Hunger games, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Narnia, Eragon (Haven't read Harry Potter though and don't want to.) and I wouldn't want to fight in the Hunger Games

I'm pretty sure the Hufflepuffs are the ones trying not to pee, not the Gryffindors. Just sayin. Hufflepuffs have fine patience, it's the Gryffindors that need work.


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