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....meanwhile in Ireland

I think the handwriting or font used for 'Soup of the Day' and "The tears of our enemies' both work really well. The soup font is flowy and has good depth while the tears font is just very blunt and more harsh. Together, they are fantastic.



Pasture crossing

A sign that is posted on the guardrail to what is presumably a pasture. The sign's text reads, "Do NOT CROSS THIS PASTURE unless you ca.

Truth at Last, Truth at Last !!!

Sorry But It’s Too Cold

There's no other way

Easy steps to growing a beard. Step Be a real man. Step The end.

I can't decide what is more funny, the sign or the thought someone was staying and eating all the food...hahaha

All you can eat buffet not mean all day buffet. You no come stay 4 hour. You eat you go home.

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I know it wasn't my Mother. My dad died a natural death but yet I still feel as if this cop has met my mom.

A wise man…

A very wise man right there.nothing aggrivates me more than when someone steps in my dirt pile or walks on my wet floors! And I do it daily, so this might lead to someones death.

I think this concept is pretty funny. While it may not draw people to go to the bar, it definitely captures their attention.

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saw this sign in real life. laughed for the next 5 miles.

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