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oh christmas tree oh christmas tree your ornaments are history//

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! I will bap them and then I'll play.I will be a good cat today.O Christmas tree.

tres belle photo;  http://www.energie-expert.fr/plombier/plombier-paris.html

Christmas is fast approaching! Put a Santa hat on your cat and made sure to get your cat a gift


Want some funny cat memes? Here are 25 pictures of cats with hilarious wording that are engineered to make you laugh, gasp, and wince with a pang of truth.

Just another #Friday. There's no need to be superstitious about Friday the 13th! #BlackCats

There's no need to be superstitious about Friday the black cats are just a friendly and cute as any other cat!

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 24 Pics

This cat's butt is so cute - funny pictures, gifs, jokes. I couldn't even see the cat at first, just the panda.

使い方を間違えている21匹の猫 | netgeek

使い方を間違えている21匹の猫 | netgeek

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* * } Yer soes off base dis time yoo can'ts even seez de base. Hasn't yoo noticed me be pickin' up unwanted weight? Ferget sweaters fer awhiles and tend to me health!

Dieting is hard

Hamster: Lets do this thing bitch! Me: aww poor little hamster are you ok? you shouldn't be eating like that :) *takes cookie away* *hamster dies* Me: O_O.*walks away and eats cookie*

cats are mysterious and powerful and we must respect them. and get your butt off the car how many times have I told you that?