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This is funny LOL But I do feel good knowing that Daryl will always be back. The Walking Dead is just an awesome but they better not kill off Daryl. ~Me

True though and so not funny they don't need to punish us like this we did nothing

The Walking Dead funny meme.this is soooooo NOT FUNNY! It better not be so!

Not gonna lie carol seriously annoyed me a little the first 2 seasons but she has REALLY proved herself by now its just too bad she didn't start until after ed died.

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What are we hoping will happen to Carol in season five of The Walking Dead? At the end of season four, Carol was still traveling to Terminus with Tyrese and bab

Me trying to figure out who was sitting at this angle - Fangirl - The Walking Dead

The most emotionally manipulative Lucille on TV since Arrested Development. View Walking Dead Reactions For People Who Are NOT OK With the Season 6 Finale" and more funny posts on Dorkly

WHAAAAAAAAAT!?<<<< I always thought Sofia was a red head..... sometimes I really hate being partially colorblind!

<<<< I always thought Sofia was a red head. sometimes I really hate being partially colorblind!<<<I think its more strawberry blonde/Dirty blonde

This is me. Season 5 has been so disappointing. The only good moment was the Daryl and Carol reunion on the premiere episode. Why do writers do this?

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Carol Walking Dead Funny | the walknig dead creator robert kirkman indulged in some self

The Walking Dead: Comic book Easter Egg in "Claimed"

"Fight the Dead. Fear The Living: Michonne, Rick, Daryl Set" by Tracie Ching (AMC's The Walking Dead at Hero Complex Gallery)

IM GOING TO FRICKEN LOSE MY MIND. UNTIL I KNOW. IMAGE AFTER LIKE 15 YEARS OF THE SHOW BEING ON AND THERE ALL JUST IMAGINED. WELL THERE GOES MY SANITY. I don't think Robert Kirkman would do that because they are really careful with the filming and pictures.

All in Rick's mind! It cannot be possible if the writer's do what they have hinted at, and kill off Rick before the end.