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I can't imagine a Hipster without a special taste of music, nor the passion for vintage records...

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A love of hip hop....this looks like my love of music collection! It consists of tapes and cd's LOL

“Hip Hop, it’s what gives me peace of mind. I’m part of a movement called Mad Love, which is all about spreading positive vibes through music.

Desmond Dekker

Loved reggae as a kid. Grew up on Portobello road so had plenty of opportunity to listen to street music mainly reggae. Desmond Dekker- King of Ska. His song "The Israelites" made him the first pure Jamaican to record a hit in Britain and USA.

Image of The Dancehall Record Stores of NYC

The Dancehall Record Stores of NYC

The Dancehall Record Stores of NYC: Despite the transition from wax to digital, those passionate for the art of vinyl will always sniff out a record store in relinquished corners of the.