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Totoro and small Totoro

Totoro and small Totoro

Shimaneko - Shimane prefecture mascot

30 Cute Japanese Mascots in Action

Japan love cute and funny characters to promote their business or organization. Here are 30 inspiration of cute Japanese mascots.

la sieste

La sieste

Weight Loss benefits To Eating Healthy Sushi Regularly. People either love or hate sushi. Those who love sushi, listen up!

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That's so cool, why can't the Greece do that . <<< because most of our creativity gets put into how we look and a way to get people to pay higher for rent :-/ I wanna move to Japan asap« This is why Japan is fun.

Hora extra e estresses cotidianos são os grandes vilões dos trabalhadores de escritório chineses.

Na China, 1600 pessoas morrem diariamente por trabalhar demais

Pour Tous Les Otakus 2

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Ilustración del libro " El gato con botas " por Ayano Imai ( 1980 ). Para saber mucho más sobre bienestar y salud infantil visita www.solerplanet.com

He's just behind me, isn't he? Illustration from the book "Le chat botté" (The booted cat) by Ayano Imai