I hear this from my neighbor all the time ~ as if once hadn't been enough. I also tell her repeatedly that her logic doesn't apply to me.

Chronic illnesses don't discriminate by age. It's important to be aware and informed about chronic illnesses and their symptoms.

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Chronic Fatigue/Pain Awareness Chronic fatigue isnt about fatigue only its about chronic pain

You Are NOT Your Illness, So Who Are You?

You Are NOT Your Illness, So Who Are You?

You Are NOT Your Illness, So Who Are You? - Part 2 of accepting an imperfect life and accepting our chronic illness. We will not be defined by our illness.

lol feels that way all the time

At this very moment in time, I am in so much pain, my back is out and I can't even stand up straight! Chronic Nerve Pain,/Neuropathy/Fibromyalgia/ Lupus SLE/Rheumatoid Arthritis/Chronic Migraines/I.

It is not about the meds, it is about obtaining some relief in order to be able…

17 Things People With Chronic Pain Want You to Learn During Pain Awareness Month