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the homestead is not complete without a wood-fired sauna.

We support any style of sauna from earthy rustic saunas to pristine commercial sauna rooms Rustic saunas have seasoned quality about them Wood fired sauna are the most traditional and instinctually

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If I owned my own cottage, I would have my kitchen redesigned to included a wood burning stove, for breads.  Maybe not exactly like this. but something that created the hearth and home feeling, with functionality.

This would be fabulous! Would love the smell of baking bread in the house on a wood burning stove.just like mom use to bake.

DIY Wood Burning Sauna. This project will not cost you an arm or a leg or a gym membership either, you could find a lot of the items needed on craigslist.

DIY Wood Burning Sauna

Wood Burning Sauna DIY - Totally adding this to the long term project list!


antique AGA stove w/ pie.very European--would like to have a wood burning stove that has cooktop/oven capabilities for the basement--great heat and emergency cooking back up!

Huge Cast Iron Stove

This is the stove I want for my dream B&W kitchen! Bruce Rosenbaum's "totally modern stove housed in a gorgeous cast iron stove.

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It is another day with ninety degree heat and humidity. Many of the older cabins in this area have saunas which their residents still use and dearly love. This barrel-shaped sauna is near a rebuilt Scandinavian cottage on Williams Lake, Mn.