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Wine to try

Wine to try

<$10 Barefoot Sweet Red Or Pinot Grigio

What Your Wine Choice Says About You. Its funny because my mom drinks her wine with an ice cube.

Clericot: Manzana, uvas, melón y frutos rojos frescos. Durazno y piña en almíbar. Jugo de limón (poco y natural). Jarabe natural, o pueden usar el jugo del almíbar. Vino tinto. Opcional: Refresco de cola o de manzana. También hay quien le pone jugo de naranja NATURAL. Jugo de uva embotellado. Esto para que rinda, bajarle el alcohol o darle un toque especial. Sólo una de las opciones. Mezclar jugo de limón, la fruta y el jarabe. Dejar macerar la fruta. Agregar el vino y jugo o refresco.

Red Wine Sangria

Traditional Sangria 2 btls dry red wine (chilled, rioja) 1 cup brandy 1 cup orange juice cup granulated sugar (superfine) 2 oranges (cut into thin rounds) 2 meyer lemons (cut into thin rounds) 3 key limes (cut into thin rounds) 2 apples (cored and cut

Illustrated Infographic: 3 Of Our Favorite Mulled Wine Recipes

3 Of Our Favorite Mulled Wine Recipes [ILLUSTRATED INFOGRAPHIC]

With our homemade grape juice Illustrated Infographic: 3 Of Our Favorite Mulled Wine Recipes

Five ways to find the best wines with the fewest calories

Five ways to find the best wines with the fewest calories

Wine sweetness chart   Source: http://winefolly.com/tutorial/wine-sweetness-chart/

A simple wine sweetness chart shows the sweetness levels for different types of red and white wines. You might be surprised to find out what level of sweetness you prefer. This may come in handy now that i am a couple days shy of legal drinking age :)


As 10 principais uvas tintas do mundo

Do you know all of the different types of wine? This infographic organizes almost 200 types of wine by taste and style. Take advantage of this chart as a great way to discover new types of wine.

World Of Wine Infographic

The World Of Wine - Most Popular Wines by Regions: Italy, France, Spain, USA, Argentina

#Wine from around the world. I found this interesting... #wine  #drinks

Wine World Language Enamel Sign Vineyard Garden Cheese Tasting Event Party Decor

Wine and Cheese tray

Might have to cheat and use this when I next go to a wine and cheese night. Wine & Cheese Pairings for your Benjamin Knox Wine Depot finds!