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Still Crying Glitter Tears  ✨Titanium Wig @powderroomd , Lips  @colourpopcosmetics Satin Lipstick 'Marshmallow' , Gold Glitter @glitterinjections

Shake it - Hair style, lipstick.Still Crying Glitter Tears Titanium Wig Lips Satin Lipstick 'Marshmallow' Gold Glitter by promisetamang


Curly hair pros and cons hilarious! The one about the growing hair and the shrinkage is insanely accurate! My hair isn't this curly but I definitely relate to a lot of them.


Peacock Eye Makeup (black female,model,peacock,make up) A very colorful girl. Color adds to your features.

curlyyhairedbeauties:  cheekymisfit.tumblr.com Instagram: Saylex

Cute way to wear a scarf! (Natural hair, African-American hair styles, updo) celebrate-being-natural-beautiful-hairstyles-beaut