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This is a quite famous advertisement from the 1890s starring the model Hilda Clark in formal 19th century attire.

An advertisement showing model Hilda Clark in formal century attire. The advertisement is entitled Drink Coca-Cola

After these 15 photos you’ll be glad to have been born in the 21st century! No. 6 is terrifying.

Cocaine toothache drops (c. were popular for children.Not only would the medicine numb the pain, but it could also put the user in a "better" mood. 10 Cocaine and other Drug Products of the Past - ODDEE

According to legend, on November 13, 1805 Johann George Lehner, a German butcher from Frankfurt living in Vienna, Austria, created a beef and pork sausage called a Frankfurter.

Vintage, hot diggity dog by nouar (this was the hot dog you saw between movies at the drive in show)


Glass Bottle Coke Machines Glass Bottle cokes ice cold nothing beats them!

Heineken Baby Ad  #HeinekenBaby  #Heineken  #Baby  #VintageAds  #Kamisco

and Dad must have seen this add (with Coke) 1955 Seven Up original vintage advertisement. Promoting purity and wholesomeness, advised young mothers to add the soft drink to babies' milk in equal parts to coax fussy toddlers at mealtime!

retro-inspired facebook ad

Sao Paulo ad agency Moma Propaganda created a stunning series of posters using retro illustrations to promote social media services as part of the project “Everything Ages Fast.