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*Capricorn -Not one to ever favour anything that is in-your-face, a Capricorn woman is responsible, down-to-earth and classy. Your signature fragrance should add to your ladylike elegance so look for something that is feminine and fresh with components like rose, honey and litchi.(Chloe Eau De Parfum )

Every woman needs a signature perfume to feel sexy and enamor others around her, so we tell you the perfumes for your zodiac. What's your signature scent?

We rely on our horoscope for everything from love advice to hairstyle ideas. You can also link your zodiac sign to your signature scent. All those personality traits from the astrology calendar can lead you to the the right blend of notes for your mood. We enlisted the help of Anne Nelson Sanford, perfumer and founder of LURKbeauty, to determine which perfume ingredients best fit each sign.

Find Your Signature Scent Using Your Zodiac Sign

Did You Know Your Zodiac Sign Had a Zodiac Scent

Did You Know Your Zodiac Sign Had a Zodiac Scent?

Instead of getting swept up in the fragrance isle this summer, let your astrological sign guide you towards a new perfume. As the sense of smell can relate so heavily to our own emotions, it's a no-brainer that we should let our star signs help us de

well i don't truly believe in horoscopes, but this does explain why i love blue .. and wednesdays ..

Virgo this is crazy, for element im probably more water but ive been baptized in a forest and my middle name is "rainbow" in my language so makes sense but its so true about the number! I always said my lucky number was 5 and now i see this its so cool!

Claudia Schiffer Makeup | Hit Or Miss?

Claudia Schiffer Makeup | Hit Or Miss?

*Capricorn CnR Create perfume  2008

Libra CnR Create perfume - a fragrance for women 2008