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All gold Japanese forest grass (Hakonechloa macra)

All gold Japanese forest grass (Hakonechloa macra)

Carex socialis 'Coahoma' (Social Sedge)

Carex socialis Coahoma

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Hakonechloa macra ‘Sunny Delight’ - Japanese Forest Grass Perennial

Definitely one of the most gorgeous of ornamental grasses, also one of the few that prefers a shady site.

Japanese forestgrass, plant with hosta, zones 5-9

Our Favorite Shade Garden Perennials

SHADE Top Picks: 'Aureola' bears bright yellow leaves with dark green edges; 'All Gold' has even brighter golden foliage. Plant it with: Add zing to a shady corner by planting Japanese forestgrass with a bold, golden hosta.

(Black Snakeroot) Actaea 'Hillside Black Beauty' PP9,988 is a true collector's item because of the striking dark foliage. Its black- and purplish-colored foliage creates a dramatic and aesthetic appearance for any garden. In the fall, the beautiful foliage gives rise to fragrant foot-long bottlebrush flowers. The blush pink-white flowers look stunning as it contrasts with the dark foliage. 'Hillside Black Beauty' PP9,988 does best in moisture-retentive soil. One of our top...

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Full size picture of Hummingbird Plant, Uruguayan Firecracker Plant (<i>Dicliptera suberecta</i>)

PlantFiles Pictures: Hummingbird Plant, Uruguayan Firecracker Plant (Dicliptera suberecta) by AnniesAnnuals


Grow a Lush Shade Garden With Hostas

Hosta Gold Standard | Hosta | Classic Easy to Grow Shade Garden Plant -(I have this hosta growing under some Scotch Pines. It gets plenty of afternoon sun and looks great)

With its lush, light green leaves edged in darker green, this Hosta lights up a shade garden. Lavender flowers appear in summer. Make sure to give it plenty of room to spread.


Heuchera 'Dolce Blackcurrant' offers rich purple leaves with splashes of silver. It grows 16 inches tall and 20 inches wide.

Farfugium japonicum 'Kagami Jishi' 1 form

Farfugium japonicum 'Kagami Jishi'

Grasses with white Lantana

Grasses with white Lantana 🌾

18 tall by 24 inches wide.  Very unique selection of Lady Fern with interesting fronds. The leaflets criss-cross up the frond and the tip is crested.  For

Victoria Lady Fern - 4.5 Inch Container

18 tall by 24 inches wide. Very unique selection of Lady Fern with interesting fronds. The leaflets criss-cross up the frond and the tip is crested. For

Athyrium filix-femina: Native to North America, this deciduous #fern is common to moist sites throughout the northern hemisphere. It is characterized by lush, textured, medium green fronds with an arching habit. They radiate gracefully out from the center of the crown. New leaves are produced throughout the season for a continually fresh look. At maturity, the stems turn dark red.    This fern is useful as a background plant and is also beautiful planted en masse along streams. $150

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