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6 Lessons Jeff Mermelstein Has Taught Me About Street Photography

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Philadelphia's Homeless 1986 Pulitzer Prize, Feature Photography, Tom Gralish, The Philadelphia Enquirer a homeless man.

Los usos de la calle...         Jeff  Mermelstein  http://loquevelacamara.blogspot.com.es/

Los usos de la calle... Jeff Mermelstein http://loquevelacamara.blogspot.com.es/

I had only heard that people once used private talking booths decades ago.  Helen Levitt. New York, 1971.

Helen Levitt – I love her neutral to faded colour palette. It adds to the feeling of the mundane setting within the city. I also see a relation between the man and the telephone booth. The pose of the man has a strong correlation with it.

Jeff Mermelstein

Capturing his subjects in moments of distinct human absurdity, and common to urban life.

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Simple but full of so much emotion that creates such intrigue. This shows me that you don't need busy streets, you just need to not be afraid to get close to a subject.