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I like it but with out the map

Canada Bear ~ Brown Bear & Map Watercolour mixed media at Ipswich Museum Super, oder?

Daniel Furman /  Würsa à 18 000 Km de la Terre

Taxidermy - Alexis Turner, 2013 A little bit on the classic, historical mounting of trophies, but mostly this is how Taxidermy is becoming more mainstream through fashion, design and art. My collection still creeps people out though!


Using people as canvases…

Using people as canvases - Funny Pictures - Funny Photos - Funny Images - Funny Pics

Fish Species Historiae Naturalis 08 - 1657 - 30 Digital Art

Restored Fish Species illustration from Johannes Jonstonus, Historiae naturalis book published in

INDOOR CLOUDS! That’s not Photoshop. The Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde has developed a way to create a small, perfect white cloud in the middle of a room. It requires meticulous planning: the temperature, humidity and lighting all have to be just so. Once everything is ready, Smilde summons the cloud out of the air using a fog machine. It lasts only moments, but the effect is dramatic and strangely moving. It evokes both the surrealism of Magritte and the classical beauty of the old masters.

Artist:Berndnaut Smilde Nimbus II, cloud in room A gallery with no sculptures, only a cloud floating within the space. 'Nimbus' is a new installation of Amsterdam-based artist Berndnaut Smilde, who refuses to explain how he managed to create a real cloud.

damien hirst + alexander mcqueen unveil scarf series

In celebration of the anniversary of the skull scarf, Alexander McQueen presents an exclusive collaboration with Damien Hirst. The iconic skull scarf has been a signature accessory of the house first seen in the