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Pineapple bike :) by gipukan (rob gipman), via Flickr Uganda

Uganda has the best pineapple in the world! Pineapple bike: A man carries pineapples on his bicycle to offload at the market, Kampala, Uganda. (Photography by rob gipman)

Traditional wedding jewellery in India

In all religions, marriage = Gold + Car + Money. :( ban the "Dowry system"?

Camels in a vehicle...a common sight in the middle east...

americana-plus: “ specialcar: “Peugeot 404 pick-up ” Happy Hump Day ” When your humps need a pickup…

Telugu Cinema Funny

Telugu Cinema Funny

Overloaded truck

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What an amazingly docile cow. No comment on the driver, who seems to have a death wish!

I would bet that this is due to the women in their country not being allowed to drive a car!

We love this: Girls in Pakistan determined to get an education, despite adversity - whether it’s Taliban opposition, transportation challenges, or even just a case of the zzzz Education = opportunity = freedom Be Free.

overloaded truck-cargo and people-funny

Overloaded trucks, this is typically how Car was when I first get here, overloaded!