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china1 650x868 String portraits illustrations by Neil Duerden

String portraits illustrations by Neil Duerden

Artwork for "Mirage" iluustration/animation project by visual artist Frederic Kokott vimeo.com/frederickokott

"Mirage" Is A Visual And Sonic Portrait Of An Unknown City

毎日、体重を気にして食事制限をしたり、キレイになるためにお化粧を頑張ったりするなんて、考えただけでもうんざりする。とは言え、しなきゃしないで周りの人にどう思われるかはやっぱり不安。そんな女性たちを元気付けてくれるイラストレーターを見つけました。彼女の作品は、おしとやかで清楚、いつもキレイで優しくて…と、「女はこうであるべき」という固定概念を消し去ってくれます。 細い女性がキレイって誰が決めた...


毎日、体重を気にして食事制限をしたり、キレイになるためにお化粧を頑張ったりするなんて、考えただけでもうんざりする。とは言え、しなきゃしないで周りの人にどう思われるかはやっぱり不安。そんな女性たちを元気付けてくれるイラストレーターを見つけました。彼女の作品は、おしとやかで清楚、いつもキレイで優しくて…と、「女はこうであるべき」という固定概念を消し去ってくれます。 細い女性がキレイって誰が決めた...

紙に命が吹き込まれ、そして神となる。驚愕のペーパークラフトアート : カラパイア

Yulia Brodskaya is a quilling artist and illustrator. She uses unique quilling techniques. Enjoy viewing of Yulia Brodskaya quilling and reading interview with Yulia Brodskaya.


Low Polygon artworks have become a trend and for a simple reason, the breadth of character as compared to super photo-realist images.


Creamcrackers BEHANCÉ - 28 de agosto de 2015 BIOMERIEUX - APP ILLUSTRATION IIllustration d'un laboratoire et d'une chaîne de production de médicaments. Ilustración Diseño interactivo Interfaz y exp.

Jonathan Mak from Hong Kong

Coca-Cola and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Shanghai won the Outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2012 for “Coke Hands” outdoor campaign. Amazingly simple but powerful imagery from the hands of Jonathan Mak Long.

Genial poster de Nike: Young Hustlers - Frogx Three

Genial poster de Nike: Young Hustlers

I think we could use this design for a sports layout. It also uses layers of basketball players so it contributes to our theme, and it also incorporates text for maybe the title.//// I like how this design incorporates players in the NBA.

Nike posters to promote their athletes at the Dubai Open tennis tournament.

Great advertising: Nike Tennis posters: The Dubai Open by Leo Rosa Borges, via Behance typography example

Birds in the Air Oversize Print by strawberryluna

Rock Gig poster Ra Ra Riot hand screenprinted - limited edition silk screen music poster - ALMOST SOLD OUT

Illustration / Wolf in sheep skin by Kevin Harald Campean

There's always been that one saying " a wolf in sheeps clothing". If a wolf is dressed up as a sheep, the other sheep won't run off. Then the wolf can kill and eat the sheep. So he is dressed as a sheep to deceive the real sheep.

Just black paper. But thousands of emotions.

forms & shapes: graphic design artwork in black with light reflections

Some interactive glass installations or a mirror sealing could be cool.

Emphasis: Contrast - Sculpture uses black and white shapes to emphasize the geometry within the sculpture.