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Tokyo Ghoul - Buscar con Google

Playing with extreme hot and cold color, I didn’t expect it turn up well on first try. Sorry for spoiler. I just read the latest Tokyo Ghoul . Tokyo Ghoul - The Other Side of the Mirror


Lineart & Color By Tokyo Ghoul (c) Ishida Sui Original Art : ?

Touka x Sasaki(Kaneki) :remembrance by cupcakeninja11.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

That hurts. I think if you listen carefully you can hear my heart crack

kaneki x touka - Tìm với Google

Just sit here and think for a bit. Knowing how much the manga has trolled us so far, don't you think it'd be normal if Sasaki/Kaneki only saw Touka that one time in Tokyo Ghoul:re?