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In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.

In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.

I'm not perfect but I'm worth it, YOU are what I wanna be like #JESUS

What I will say to my future husband when I tell him my reasons for not serial dating and settling for second best while waiting for him!

It most absolutely happens this way. I walked through hell and when it was all said and done and the dust settled not only was I a much better person for it all, it meant I met the most amazing man.

Before something great happens, everything falls apart.I hope this is true. It feel like my life is falling apart a little bit at a time.


When you say nothing, you can't be misquoted or misunderstood. You also don't have to anxiously await a response. Saying nothing shuts things down. 11 quotes to remember when faced with toxic people will help you deal.

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I love Monday's ! Tuesday not ready ! Ready to take 384 million from Under Armour ! Then 768 million ! You add the rest !

Tricia my friend, you make me feel so alive! I've always loved your beautiful face and your sassy, creative, beautiful mind. I've always loved talking with you, even if it's just to tease you about your cooking or your love for Italian men!


If you can't stop thinking about someone. If you can't stop thinking about your hobbies. If you can't stop thinking about your Career.

If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again!! Add Me on FB!!! :-)

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I like people with emotional and intellectual depth. People that speak with passion from their inner twisted mind.